Digital Photography for Beginners –  Learn and Explore

Photography is a very rewarding field of interest.  It can almost be therapeutic.  Some people have that creativity inside them, but they are too intimidated to pick up a Digital SLR camera.  These cameras can seem daunting  for beginners.  All those settings, the photography language such as aperture, ISO, and shutter speed can be very confusing.  The aim of this site is to explain the DSLR and get you thinking in photography terms.  The theme of the site is lenses for your final image will be dependent on the quality of the lens.  I have written some articles aimed at beginners level to get you into the photography world.  Explanations are simple and clear using plain English.  Please read through these post and leave any comments or question you may have.

Digital SLR Camera and Lenses – Basics

Digital SLR Camera  – Sensor Types

Camera ISO Settings Explained – Sensitivity to Light

Camera Shutter Speed Explained – a curtain on a window to creativity

Lens Aperture Explained – For Beginners

The Exposure Triangle for Beginners