Hello and welcome to lensesonline.net. My name is Pardeap Sambi. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s been my passion since childhood. As a kid, I used to make a hole in a shoe box and see an image appear in side of the box. At that time, access to a real camera was out of the question. Family financial conditions did not even allow to dream about owning a camera. Then I immigrated to Canada, even then owing a camera was not feasible. My uncle would pull out his Yashica once in while, and I would just stare at it with content.

Eventually I grew up, got a job and had a small pay cheque coming in. And guess what was the first thing I purchased ? An SLR camera. Yes ! A dream come true. It was a Pentax 1000 film camera. Digital Cameras did not exit at that time. They weren’t even conceived on those days. That was 26 years ago. It came with a 50mm prime lens. I had to buy the flash unit separately. That camera served well. I took many pictures including both of my sisters’ weddings. Friends and family enjoyed that camera to the fullest.

Throughout my college years, I had to put photography aside. The cost of photography in those days was not cheap -nor was schooling. Photography in the film days was a very expensive hobby. After about two or three years, I got interested in this hobby again. in 1997  I invested in some serious camera equipment. This was a Canon AE1 which I bought from my co-worker. It came with everything to get me started in the photography field. I even had my own dark room equipment where I would develop my own film.

Photography for me stayed as a hobby. I I earned a lot about photography throughout the years – mostly from reading and experiments. I never made it into a business. The intent of my site is to pass along the tips and techniques that I have acquired in the many years. I also want to educate people who are interested about photography and are passionate about the subject.

The theme of this site is lenses as the domain name implies. The reason it is lenses is because ultimately your image will be dependent on the lens. Its size, its speed, and the quality of the glass. My goal is to create a website about photography to be centered around lenses. As this site grows, I will also be talking  more about lenses and  optics theory, but not to bore my audience yet to educate how lenses work and produce those stunning images that you may desire.

I hope you will find this site informative and fun. Please leave any questions or comments below. Thanks for reading.

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